Minister of Economy in 2001


Strived by its CORE activity and its initial purpose, the ambition to correct unsustainable/unbalanced & distressed economic and social ecosystems, IDCCA decides to update its original platform into a fully automatized international legal/fiscal replicable platform.

Followed by its mission, IDCCA´s Corporate Development Team deploys Governmental, Corporate and Institutional international alliances to replicate and deploy globally.



Consolidating the value of two or more transactions, payments or positions in order to create a single value. Clearing entails offsetting the value of multiple positions, and can be used to determine which party is owed remuneration in a multiparty agreement


GO-LIVE in 4 countries within EU, others to follow.



Debt/Credit Clearing process comprehends the following main articles:

  • Inexistence of any legal change between the companies (debtor or creditor) that accepts to enter into a Clearing or Compensation closing chain.
  • Legally, Clearing is a reduction of its debtor or creditor position towards another legal entity.
  • The Risk ratio profile of each legal entity (debtor or creditor) will only be affected by its debt, credit or maturity volume position.

Aside from other relevant achievements, our Senior IT Team was also the Lead Developers of the Receivables Stock Exchange Platform and entire Public Mass Privatization process, the biggest world Mass Privatization platform with over 16 Million subscribers.  Today, still hold the entire Privatization Central Securities Depository

"Our unique & innovative solution for IMF´s economy recovery guidelines.."


The SICOD (actually IDCCA) system platform was created and implemented by Urgent Law (1999) for the Ministry of Economy as a Debt/Credit Overdue Invoice Clearing/Compensation system (non-cash), which is operational since 1999 for the Public & Private sector and have exceed 54€ Billion in cleared transactions volume, with an average of 3,850€ Billion per year and >92.000 daily active USERS (Public & Private Sector).

The system platform (registered in 1999) was created in 1997 and subsequently updated, through and by the incontestable & recognized lead excellence of our mathematician development team, initially as an aggressive & innovative tool/solution, to solve the deep economic and social crisis/recession.   (As referred and successfully confirm by IMF Senior Officials)

IDCCA Platform is the world´s only Debt/Credit (Invoices) Clearing System and despite the considerable early public skepticism, is considered as one of the most important/influential economic and political decisions made for the country´s economic & social recovery.


core activity

Debt & Credit Clearing platform for overdue, past-due and unpaid receivables (including written-off and NPLs).

(from 31 days until max. 15 years)

Target :

  • Public Sector
  • Private Sector/ Self-Empoyed
  • Financial Sector

"Cross-match the invoices and link between different debtors and creditors  with the result being - reconcile the debtor & creditor positions to ZERO or as close to ZERO without using any cash flow"